Flocked Nails Tutorial

You will need:
  • Nail polish of choice
  • Matching colour flocking (I found mine at Hobbycraft in the card making section, but I’m sure you can easily find it online too, try searching for “Fun Flock”.
  • A little bowl or dish to catch the excess flocking (you only really need this is you don’t want to waste it!)
  • Nails (false or otherwise!)

Begin by painting the nails with one coat in your chosen colour. If you are doing this on real nails I would advise using a base coat. Then, doing each nail individually, paint on a second coat &…

…very quickly, pour lots of flocking over the top of the wet nail. You will need to be really quick, when I did this a second time on my real nails, some of the flocking came off because I wasn’t quick enough putting it on & the polish was already drying. This is also why you will need to do one nail at a time 😛

Shake off the excess flocking, & voila, you are done! Repeat for all your nails & you should end up with a manicure that looks a little like this:

Hope that helped some of you, see, I told you it was simple 🙂

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