Garden of Eden

Today is a quintessential summer day.  The sun is warm, the breeze is fresh, and the grass is cool and welcoming.  Thank God for days like this.  The kind that remind you fondly of childhood memories, and dare you not to make more of these memories with your own children.  When you’re surrounded by this most delicious of days, even the cynics of the world are out drinking in the sunshine.

So much of my life has been on the sidelines.  Sunny summer days haven’t meant donning a bathing suit and hitting the beach, carefree with friends.  When you’re fat, these things aren’t at the top of your list of things to do (well, at least not mine).  I’m so thankful I’m finally stepping up and making a change.

Summer is the easiest time to eat well.  We’re surrounded by fresh summer fruits and vegetables, and for me, my yard is full of them.

Grapes on the Vine
Peaches in the Tree
A garden full of greens…

This time of year makes excuses hard to come by.  There’s no reason not to go for a walk, or play with the kids in the yard.  No reason not to buy fresh produce – it’s at its most inexpensive.

We have decided to build ourselves a greenhouse in our garden in order to grow more lovely natural food.  Unfortunately we need a few essential tools that we’ve not needed before. We were not sure exactly which were the best tools, but found a great review site, Home Tool Helper which gave us a great lead. We now have a number of items, including things as neat as a set of precision screwdrivers. We’re all set to go, we just need some plans.

I’ve recommitted myself to losing weight, and so far, so good.  Lynn is doing a seven day yoga challenge that I’m going to be taking part in this week.  I like challenges – and I’m competitive. I’m going to compete against myself this week to see who wins.  I’m betting the healthy me takes it all. Seven days is nothin’.

Why put off until tomorrow what can be done today? I love that quote.  I’ve put off losing weight and being healthy, and that has “put off” so many things I’ve wanted to do in my life.

I’m off to enjoy this weather, this day, and everything in it!

I’ll leave you with a picture of this critter we found in the yard a few days ago….came ashore to lay some eggs in the grass.  Kind of amazing!

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