This has been an atypical summer for us west coasters. Hot and dry weather have been lauded by some as a “real” summer, while still others (ME!) much prefer the cooler, damp summers of years past.

As we make our way into August, I’m already mentally preparing for fall. I’m writing this from my picnic table, after finally receiving a showery day. Sweater and pants, but still enjoying Meegs and her friend laughing while jumping on the trampoline. I can hear crickets, but still see blackberries on the vine.

You see, August is the best of both worlds. The sun is lower in the sky, and the nights are cooler. We can enjoy what’s left of our oft too short summer, and we no longer take it for granted. We start to realize what my ol’ buddy Will once wrote: summer’s lease hath all too short a date.

I had a summer bucket list this year, and I feel like I’ve made some serious progress. Maybe tomorrow I’ll post it on here, and you guys can let me know about your summer bucket lists. In the meantime, I’m content to sit here, soaking up the August-ness of this evening.

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