Headboard Love

It’s been months since I promised you all a post showing off my Craigslist find that I turned into a headboard.  From the looks of things it was, at one point, part of a bedframe….I think? But either way, I loved the curves and knew that a little bit of spray paint would make this the headboard I’ve been dreaming about forever.


Okay, maybe more than a little bit of spray paint.  It definitely needed sanding so I had to get one specially. I have a limited budget so in the end went for the Black and Decker BDCMS20C detail sander found here. With my lovely new sander, I sanded it, primed it, and THEN spray painted it.

Took about 2 hours to actually get to the spray painting part of things…

White. Because I want to paint everything in my house white right now.

I’m SERIOUSLY in love with this! It’s exactly what I pictured!  You’ll notice I still haven’t painted my nightstands…whoops! They’re going white, too.


While I had the spray paint out, I thought I’d paint my $5 outside owl.

I’ve been looking for an owl (I know, I’m a weirdo) for the TV cabinet for a while now, and finally found one I liked the look of, but the colour was terrible.

He loves his new home.

Next up on my painting list:

Dining room chairs. I’m not sure what colour just yet, but I had to say goodbye to my bring green chairs since two of them were falling apart, and one of them had a giant crack. So I’m starting fresh.

I did like the style of them better though….


It’s a long weekend here in Canada and it’s so nice to actually have nothing that has to be done.  Life has been, quite frankly, overwhelming lately, so three day to relax and do small projects around the house is just what the doctor ordered.

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