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Headboard Love

It’s been months since I promised you all a post showing off my Craigslist find that I turned into a headboard.  From the looks of things it was, at one point, part of a bedframe….I think? But either way, I loved the curves and knew that a little bit of spray paint would make this the headboard I’ve been dreaming about forever.


Okay, maybe more than a little bit of spray paint.  It definitely needed sanding so I had to get one specially. I have a limited budget so in the end went for the Black and Decker BDCMS20C detail sander found here. With my lovely new sander, I sanded it, primed it, and THEN spray painted it.

Took about 2 hours to actually get to the spray painting part of things…

White. Because I want to paint everything in my house white right now.

I’m SERIOUSLY in love with this! It’s exactly what I pictured!  You’ll notice I still haven’t painted my nightstands…whoops! They’re going white, too.


While I had the spray paint out, I thought I’d paint my $5 outside owl.

I’ve been looking for an owl (I know, I’m a weirdo) for the TV cabinet for a while now, and finally found one I liked the look of, but the colour was terrible.

He loves his new home.

Next up on my painting list:

Dining room chairs. I’m not sure what colour just yet, but I had to say goodbye to my bring green chairs since two of them were falling apart, and one of them had a giant crack. So I’m starting fresh.

I did like the style of them better though….


It’s a long weekend here in Canada and it’s so nice to actually have nothing that has to be done.  Life has been, quite frankly, overwhelming lately, so three day to relax and do small projects around the house is just what the doctor ordered.


Weekend Project

My weekend ended up being pretty great, despite my fears that Mother’s Day would be incredibly difficult.  I was spoiled rotten, as is always the case thanks to Mr. T. and the kids.  Mr. T. picked out a really pretty hydrangea plant for the garden, Sex and the City Movie on DVD, and this gorgeous orchid.


Isn’t it pretty? And check out my owl – sneak peak of next week’s spray painting extravaganza post Winking smile As gorgeous as the orchid is, it was dwarfed by the beauty of this flower:

Mimi made me a present at daycare and then snuck the bag into her room to hide it.  I was so impressed – when I was a kid I couldn’t keep a secret to save my life.  Then, after about 24 hours in her room, she moved the back to the coffee table, then the kitchen table, and then she told me to please move my Mother’s Day flower present to the TV cabinet.  She’s my child.

With Mr. T tackling the household chores, I headed to the basement to figure out what to do with my new corkboard.  I decided Saturday that I needed a place to organize my notes and scraps of paper I seem to be collecting.  I write recipes on napkins, blog post ideas on post it notes, and then – whoops, they’re gone.  I decided bigger was better, and Mr. T screwed it to the wall downstairs where I’m setting up bloggin’ shop.

Very practical, right? It’s enormous, and will have room to organize this blog and my Prior Fat Girl posts, and of course meal plans and various assorted other things.  But, and it’s a big BUT, it was ugly.  Hmm, what to do?

Fabric collection to the rescue!  I love fabric, and keep buying it with the intention of sewing something fabulous, and then it doesn’t happen. So I dug through fuzzy pink monkey flannel, green sequined silk, and found this!

Perfect.  I unscrewed the corkboard that had been put up just hours earlier, laid it on top of the wrong side of the fabric (the side without the pattern), and grabbed the staple gun (and Mr. T).

Put one staple in the middle of the first side of fabric, pull it tight, and put another staples in the middle of the opposite side.  Follow this same process for the other 2 ends, and then, start stapling around the rest of the board.  Tip: keep the fabric pulled as tightly as possible for the best results.


Now THIS is a place to post inspiring thoughts.  Only one problem:

An unsightly screw that needs some camouflaging.  I am kind of obsessed with buttons right now, and tried a few of them there, but it just wasn’t doing it for me.  Then I found a cute little ladybug.

They’re supposed to be good luck, so I thought it was a great addition.

One last addition – and now it’s ready to go. Such a fun, and EASY half an hour project.


Secret Santa

I know it’s been a while since I’ve let you know how things are going in my world, so I thought it was time for a quick update before the Christmas craziness kicks in!

I was so excited when Jessica asked if I wanted to be part of a Canadian Blogger Christmas Gift Exchange, and knew I had to do it!  After we filled out a questionnaire about our likes and dislikes, I couldn’t wait to see what I’d get from my Secret Santa!

Wow, I was not disappointed! So much thought went into my gift. Thanks, Secret Santa!

And some unpictured Candy Cane Lane Tea (which Mr. T. and I searched for in every store in town and came up empty handed).


Christmas this year isn’t the same without my mom, but we’re making the best of it I’m so thankful for the kids – isn’t that what the holidays are all about?  Healthy living has been, quite frankly, non-existent and I’m not focusing on that right now – just saying “it’s alright”and moving on.

In other news, my new blog is just about ready, and I’m hoping for a new (blogging and life) start January 1st!  Stay tuned!


Handmade Christmas Gifts

As well as a Hello Kitty set & bear that I made for my cousins, I also made the majority of everyone else’s. I didn’t make anything for my sister, because she had declared earlier in the year that she hates (my) handmade stuff. I don’t know, her loss I guess! I ended up buying her lots of cheap trinkets instead, but moving on… I made this lap quilt for my Mum with scraps of fabric I had.
My first proper quilt, & it’s definitely not perfect, but she loved it! I don’t have a quilting foot on my machine, so this took forever, haha, & instead of making life easier for myself & quilting from one end to the other in straight lines I decided to quilt each patch with a square. Not fun! I ended up finishing this the day before Christmas Eve. As you can see Button wanted to help me out with pics, but he’s cute so I hope you don’t mind 😛

I made these matching initial cushions for my Granny & Grandad. They were another long project, popcorn stitch is another thing I’m sick of now, haha! You can’t see, but they are red & white gingham on the back & have feather pillow inserts.

This was another gift for my Mum, I painted 3 illustrations of our little doggies, & then spent hours searching for & then eventually buying a frame that would fit all 3 of them. It’s now hanging in the hallway, & Mum declared it her “favourite gift”. Yay!

For every other adult couple in the family I made them 2 jars of jam & packaged them nicely. My jam was also the main present last year, & everyone seemed to like it, so I made 2 pots this year, strawberry again, & “jumbleberry”, which was a blackberry, raspberry, blackcurrant & redcurrant mix. I also painted the design for the labels, (this isn’t the best pic), of a badger holding a basket of fruit.