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What are you grateful for?

Today I was perusing videos on YouTube and happened upon this speech by David Chilton. He is the author of The Wealthy Barber and its sequel The Wealthy Barber Returns. He’s definitely one of my favourite speakers and authors.

In this speech, Chilton tells us that he believes that Canada is a country full of complainers and that complaining is indeed a national pastime. They complain about things like standing in a long line up at Tim Horton’s and also their free – yes, you read that right, free – healthcare system. They complain because they don’t know how good they have it and they take their good fortune for granted. I reflected how this might also be true here.

I highly encourage you to watch his speech as it will change your perspective on life.

Chilton’s speech has certainly given me a lot to reflect on. I know that I can get bogged down in complaints with the best of them. Lately, I have been complaining more about minor inconveniences in my life. So I have decided that I will make more of a concerted effort to be grateful.

I encourage you to do the same. Like Chilton says, we are all indeed the lucky ones and instead of complaining, we should show our gratitude. We should also spread our good fortune to those who are less fortunate like those who have been affected by the Ebola epidemic in West Africa or those who are suffering from poverty.

I just read a book entitled Living On A Dollar A Day and discovered that about 2 billion people on earth live on less than two dollars a day. I am truly flabbergasted by this statistic. It makes me feel sad for our society as we are ignoring the large number of people who live in poverty everyday. It also made me realize all of the things I take for granted including electricity, running water, three meals a day and a roof over my head.

However, the book also shows that we can all take action and do our part to alleviate poverty in the world. This year, my husband and I have sponsored a child in India through the organization SOS Children’s Villages. We know that our small contribution every month will have a big impact on her life, allowing her to grow up in a safe environment and pursue an education.

Gratitude makes us kinder, more empathetic, happier and healthier. It makes us appreciate ourselves and others. Complaining makes us bitter and negative. Complaining might feel good for a while, but too much complaining is unhealthy and will drag us down in the end.  So why not raise ourselves up and show some gratitude. We all have a lot to be grateful for as Americans. Once we realize this, we will be better able to make a lasting impact on the world and our fellow human beings.

What are you grateful for?


Summer Bucket List

Every summer I come up with a list of things I’d like to accomplish, and every summer I end up disappointed at how little I actually got done.  The list usually includes things like “paint the bathroom” and “lose 30 pounds” and “go camping for a week” (I want to like camping, I really do…) – all reasonable, concrete goals. This summer I took a bit of a different approach. I managed to get all of July and August off, and really wanted to focus on spending the time being happy.

Happy? I know, seems so simple. Who has to focus on being happy?? Well, THIS GIRL. It’s so easy to just get wrapped up in working, cleaning, LIVING, that you forget to be happy.  So, with that in mind, this is my summer bucket list:

  • Read. Every single day. Only books I enjoy.
  • Watch the sunset at least once.
  • Watch the sunrise at least once.
  • Play more Scrabble with Meegs
  • Sit under the apple tree and read with Meegs as often as possible.
  • Watch the blue moon rise.
  • Watch the stars and identify constellations.
  • Bird watch.
  • Pick blackberries and make some jam with Meegs.
  • Spend some time at the beach. Reading. Playing cards. Swimming.
  • Spend time around the campfire (thanks a lot, fire ban!)
  • Take a day and hang out in our PJs, watching girly movies and generally having fun.
  • Go for a long drive into the middle of nowhere and have a picnic (We might just do this on Meeghan’s birthday next Saturday.)
  • RELAX.

This might seem a disappointing “bucket list” to those who prefer the kind that involve sky diving and swimming with sharks, but it’s really just perfect in my eyes. Most of these can already be checked off, and the few that remain will be complete before I head back to work and Meegs to school.


New Blog Beginning

I’m not normally a big fan of New Year’s Eve, or the resolutions that often come around at this time of year, but this year I’m feeling the need for change.  I’m ready for 2014 to be over, and this year I won’t be making any resolutions other than to commit to living the best life I can.

What exactly does this mean?

It means that I want to focus more on living a life I can be proud of, and find the positive elements that are always there, if you’re looking for them.  This year will be about rediscovering who I am – not the me I used to be, or the mom, or wife – but the me I really want to be for myself and for my family!

When I started blogging a year ago, I never dreamed I’d stumble upon this amazingly supportive community that has welcomed me with open arms, supported me through some of the toughest times of my life, and continues to inspire me to be a better, healthier person – serendipitous, wouldn’t you say?

I started “Fat to Fit” as a way of chronicling my weight loss efforts, and over the course of the year, I started to feel like I had painted myself into a blogging corner.  Weight loss and healthy living – that’s what I should be blogging about……. Then it hit me – this is my blog, I can blog about anything I want (what a revelation, eh?)

So, over the last few months, as a took a much needed hiatus from blogging (and quite frankly, from life…..) I re-evaluated what I wanted this blog to be about.  You’ll probably be less than shocked to learn that I want this blog to be about my life.  I will continue to strive for a healthier me in 2015, and I can’t wait to be blogging about that too – but a healthier me is in both body and spirit!  Making myself a priority again will be an interesting struggle, and I’ve been inspired by people like Lynn and Jenny who’ve started style blogs, and who knows, maybe I’ll explore some of that too!  Health, weight loss, family, style….LIFE!

With a bit of a new focus, I decided the blog needed a new look and a new name.  The name part was difficult.  I wanted it to encompass everything this blog is about – but how do you do that in a few short words?  Then it came to me……Serendipity.  If there is one word that can be used to describe my life it’s serendipitous.  Even when life has seemed to be at its worst, I always seem to stumble upon something fortunate.  Let’s face it, my life has been a series of happy accidents, and I can’t wait to share the next year of these happy accidents with all of you here on A Serendipitous Life!!

If you have a chance, come by and check out the all new look of the blog!  It’s simple, and fresh, and absolutely perfect.

Thanks to you all for the last amazing year, and I can’t wait to see what the next one has in store for me…….